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With or without a republican majority, Zach has proven himself to be one of the most effective commissioners in Michigan.

Stopped Mass Migration
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Commissioner Marcia Hovey-Wright and Bethany Christian Services pushed for making Muskegon County a designated refugee resettlement zone, with little to no vetting, Zach put the safety and stability of Muskegon first, stopping the mass influx of migrants.
Removed Planned Parenthood
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Zach brought awareness to the community that Planned Parenthood was being subsidized by the county and using facilities desperately needed by our Health Dept. He lead the initiative that resulted in our county severing their lease.
Initiated MATS Bus Self-Sufficiency
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Public transportation is great, if it can sustain itself. For too long the entire county has subsidized an expensive, inefficient bus system that mostly served a couple of inner city municipalities. Now MATS is working toward independence and utilizing many cost saving solutions.
Reinforced Right-To-Work
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Zach exposed the County’s illegal requirements to use only union contractors on county projects, which cost the county millions of dollars unnecessarily. He lead the effort that removed this costly and unfair requirement.
Stopped HealthWest’s Overspending
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HealthWest was regularly going over their budget from the county because they were trying to fulfill mandates from the state or federal agencies which they refused to fund. Legally they are not obligated to follow these mandates. Zach put a stop to incurring costs to fulfill unfunded mandates.
Instituted Transparency
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Before Zach joined the Board of Commissioners there was very little awareness of what went on in meetings. People who could not attend only had abbreviated minutes to go on. In concern, Zach personally began recording all meetings as soon as he was elected. Now all meetings are recorded and live streamed on multiple platforms, and allow public comment via zoom. Recordings are also archived and accessible to the public online.
Stopped County COVID Mandates
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Zach helped lift the county-wide mask mandates and vaccine clinics in schools, which he never supported. To encourage school boards to lift their own mandates and protect the health rights of students, he helped pass the resolution to discontinue mask and vaccine mandates.
Initiated HealthWest’s Independence
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Although the county must ensure services are available, few counties in Michigan directly operate their own mental health facility. Zach is working to get HealthWest under its own authority HealthWest, where it can provide its services as a contractor. This encourages self-suffiency and free-market competition.
Voted Against CRT/DEI
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Critical Race Theory is Marxism retooled for racial division instead of class. Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) depts. follow China’s model of inserting Communist branch offices into schools and businesses. These DEI depts. act to codify the leftist agenda in institutions and punish noncompliance. Zach voted against this.
Supported 2nd Amendment
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Zach consistently voted in favor of pro-second amendment resolution. Every upstanding citizen has the right to defend himself or herself without prohibitive regulations or fees. A well armed citizenry can defend against threats, both foreign and domestic. This is our right and shared responsibility.
Votes to Reduce Spending
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Muskegon County cannot afford to pay all of its liabilities, and we have not lived within our means for many years. Commissioners are obligated to lower costs to the taxpayer and manage funds as well as possible. Zach consistently votes to reduce spending and finds cost-saving solutions.
Instituted Flag Protocols
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County departments and agencies often used flag poles as tools for activism. Zach stopped this with a return to traditional flag protocols, which only allows for the display of: the US flag, the State of Michigan Flag, the POW/MIA flag, and the Muskegon County flag.
Single-Handedly Stopped Muskegon from Becoming a Sanctuary County@username
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Two things need to happen for a county to become a "sanctuary county" . 1) A sherrif's policy NOT to cooperate with ICE to hold and notify them of illegal aliens that are jailed in the county. 2) A "welcoming resolution" from the county Board of Commissioners, which Zach STOPPED.

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Michigan Right to Life PAC and Muskegon County Republican Precinct Delegates
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